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Peanut Butter Worth Eating.

Welcome to Pic's NZ online store.

Despite Pic's being NZ's favourite peanut butter, there are corners of the country where the nearest jar might be fifty kilometres away, and chances are that that jar's owner would never sell it anyway. 

But living wild and suffering ungenerous neighbours are not the only reasons to consider ordering here. How about buying a jar of Pic's for a poor relation? That skinny nephew washing car windows at the Waihi roundabout? Your own daughter, quietly starving in that appalling Dunedin flat? What about that husband whose birthday was last Tuesday, for whom you could order a jar now, and blame it's late arrival on those slack guys at Pic's.

Somebody, somewhere, will love you forever if you send them a jar of Pic's, so order here and get popular.

Good on you. May you be happy forever. pic-sig2.png